Our goal:

Our goal is that our clients, even after we finish the job, feel that they can count on us for anything.




In 1996, two friends started a company installing carpets. Not long after that, family members joined the crew and with them came the addition of services like blinds, moldings, a variety of floor types, cabinetry and counter tops. With time, we kept expanding in the commercial and residential markets. Since then, we've been growing in knowledge, skills, quality, and services. But most importantly, as a family.

Our philosophy is relationships. Without relationships there is no trust and without trust we won't be able to help you to create the environment that you have been dreaming for your home.

We hope that, regardless of the product you choose -- be it a new floor to add character to your room, new blinds that let in just the right amount of light each morning, or a new counter top to cook new memories -- our relationship lasts as long as our products.