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Flooring products and installation have been the forefront of our company since we opened in 1996.We have seen the floor industry’s trends and technology change over time and have acquired the knowledge and experience in which we pride ourselves today. We have gained a unique status in the flooring industry through our relationship with flooring manufactures, product testing and our trained and experienced installers. We can help our customers select the right type of materials and installation for the specific use of any space.

Laminate floors have become the most popular and revolution type of floor in the market today. It has the look of the real wood flooring ,Yet it is less expensive and maintenance fee. The surface layer of aluminum oxide provides high durability and protection against fade, wear and stain.

Bamboo floors offer a modern yet warm feel to a room. it is an eco-friendly product and is not affected by changes in temperature or humidity . The durability of bamboo is surpassed by its beauty. It has a warm , neutral or carbonized color with grains, growth patterns and joints.

Porcelain , ceramic and natural stone come in various shapes and sizes to create durable surfaces that can be subtle background or the dramatic element of the room. Porcelain with rectified edges for the thinnest grout lines and the new digital ink technology create stone and wood plank designs that can trick the most skeptical eye. With our ever expanding selection of tiles and our knowledge of the latest trends you are sure to find the best choice of your project and budget.

Luxury vinyl has the innovative combination of texture, color and pattern to create a vibrant product , idea for expressing any design vision. Our diverse product designs are available in wood ,stone and abstract tones. Technically advanced construction with ceramic bead overlay and nano and anti-bacterial flooring option , floating or glue down based on a dense wear layer.

Engineered Wood grant the richness and elegance of real wood floors at an affordable price. Engineered wood floors are made up of layers of different woods , usually topped by a domestic or exotic top plank or strip . The advantage of this type of flooring is that the layers help the material against expanding and contracting caused by heat and humidity.

Carpet is comfortable and practical flooring material. A plush style is soft and generally used for bedrooms but a Berber or loop style has better resistance for high traffic rooms as well as carpet tile , the latest invention for easy section replacement .

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