Fresh Preparation & Demolition Difference

Fresh Preparation & Demolition Difference2017-10-02T19:21:39+00:00

Any remodeling project can bring discomfort and stress to the daily routine at home.  At Fresh Remodel we want to help you get ready for the process and keep your stress as low as possible. This is the reason why we have created a “Set-Up Guideline” which includes:

  • On Site, We Will Advise The Customer What To Do To Avoid Any Breakage Of Items & Dust Control During Demolition
  • At Least Once A Day Your Working Area Will Be Cleaned And Organized.
  • We Also Do Not Keep Any Trash Or Debris Onsite, It Doesn’t Matter How Much It Might Be.
  • Everything Goes From The Demolition Area To Our Trucks.
  • Our Team Will Also Be Preparing For The Starting Day By Covering Floors, Frames, Corners From The Exit To The Job Site.

Now that everything has been completed, what if there is an issue?

The job is done, everything is in place and functioning, everybody is happy, but what if things go wrong later on?  Most companies are good at the “before process” (selling), some are good at the “during process” (management), but almost none take care of the “after” part of it (service).

At Fresh we all know a repair is as important as a new installation.  The same way you may have already noticed we have a structure to take you step by step through the process, we have created a system for service orders with timing control so we can follow up on any situation after the project is done.

As a customer, you are not supposed to hunt down a company to come back, that’s the “Peace of mind” we offer.  Whatever happens on site will be taken care of as quickly as possible without you having to pay an extra cost.